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Where is this?
– Let’s watch a movie. I know the perfect movie to watch, mom.
– And that is?A movie named ‚Madha‘ on Amazon Prime Video.
– Oh, wow!We wanted to watch this in theatres,
but then, the lockdown happened. Now that it is on
Amazon Prime Video, we’ll watch it. Wow! What a film!
I lost track of time while watching this. Finally, we watched a good film
during this lockdown. ‚Because of this lockdown,
every day must seem like a Sunday. “If I have my way, I’d love to watch
movies everyday. But, I’ve a job. ‚Ravi definitely would’ve liked this scene.
Wish he was watching with us. ‚Because of the work pressure, forget everyday
being a Sunday, I feel like Monday even on a Sunday. ‚I wish he went to office instead
of work from home. He’d eat on time atleast that way. Wonder when he’ll come for lunch. You know how you look?
Like a miner who came out from his tunnel. We guys didn’t eat yet?
I asked you guys not to wait for me. We don’t eat together normally.
Let’s atleast do it during the lockdown. Where to?
– The food has become cold. I’ll go heat it. I’ll get another call by the time you are back.
So, I don’t mind eating cold food. To top this Corona scare,
you’ve this work pressure. I suggest you quit. Why do the job which doesn’t even let you eat on time?
– Be glad this job is keeping food on our table. True. This lockdown has ruined my business.
Wonder when I can restart?Don’t worry, you’ve my support.
Everything will be normal. You work so hard.
Are you going to get any incentive?Incentive, huh? Funny.
Serve me some curry. Quite! It is my manager.
– Won’t he spare you at all?Hello, sir.
– Hey, Ravi! Done with lunch? – Yes, sir. Like you know, because of the lockdown, we had to
fire so many people. We’ve to share their work too. Also, we need to handle section B-4’s work.
– Sir, what are you saying?The work we already have on hand is enormous
and you want us to take up some more?We are short on manpower
but not on man’s power. You can do it. But, sir. .
– You can do it. Infact, you’ve to do it. No choice. Mail me your plan of action.
I’ll keep you posted about any updates. This idiot isn’t even letting me have my meals.
– Finish your lunch atleast. – What’s the matter?21st April, 2020. It is the quarantine season. .
– And I’ve been allotted work from home. How do you expect we’d work at home
with the same level of efficiency as in the office?Fine, we’re doing every task allotted,
but that doesn’t mean you’ll make us work all the time. You call me and say ‚We’ve to do it. ‚
Why do you say we when it is I who does everything?Since you are the manager, it is your job
to make sure that you don’t let the pressure get to us. You’ve failed as a manager, but I won’t fail as a team lead.
I don’t want my team to curse me like I curse you. Hereon, I don’t want this job or this stupid company.
Yours faithfully, Ravi Teja Nanimala. I hope you accept my resignation.
– Resignation? What are you saying?’11th November, 2019. I’ve to work at office. . ‚
– For 9 hours everyday. I’ve been working nonstop for 36 hours now.
And despite working so hard, will I be rewarded?I know I won’t be. Atleast pat my back for my hard work.
Incase you didn’t know, that won’t cost you a penny. Why else would we ever want to work long hours again?
– 28th February, 2017, 2016, 2015. . Brother, what is this?
Diary entries written as resignation letters?Resigning from job is alright. But, writing such harsh letters
could get you black listed. So, watch what you say. Who says I’m sending that mail?
This is just an outlet for all my frustrations. But someday, I’ll surely
send this mail. After this lockdownif I find a better job, I’ll surely send the mail.
– That will be the day. – He is at it again. Won’t your idiot manager
spare you atleast for a moment?Give me an update on the work progress.
– Sir, you allotted me the work just a while ago. Atleast give me some time.
– Take your own time. But, finish it by tonight. Did you atleast finish the plan of action?
– Yes, sir. – Then why the delay? Mail it to me. You’ve to hurry up.
Are you even feeling the pressure?I sent you the mail. Check it. No, no, no. . Hello! Sir!
– So, did you send the mail?Oh, God!
I did. Damn! I’m screwed. Did he check that mail? Did he?
If he did, I’m dead. What’s the matter? Did you drop your phone?
– No, I didn’t. So, you dropped your laptop? – No, I didn’t.
– Then how come you aren’t on call with your manager?Well, it is nothing.
– Do tell me if it is something. If you have something in your heart,
instead of drafting a crazy mail, share it with me. Are you sure that is a crazy mail?Resignation?
He said he’d send plan of action, not resignation. It taking so long
to even open the mail? Such a long mail?More than a letter,
this seems like a novel. ‚Sir, I’m resigning for the following reasons.
22th October, 2015. . “20th May, 2015. . ‚I hope it isn’t him, I hope it isn’t him.
Thank God!Sir, I was told you’d give me update
on section B-4 work. Even I didn’t receive any update. So, take it easy.
– Sir, I’ve a request. The work load on me is too much already.
Also, working from home has limitations. I hope you can understand me.
– I do, but the guy who should, isn’t understanding. Sir, we are doing a lot of work already.
Ask the manager to cancel this new work. Since, you’re the team lead, manager has to listen to you.
– Say that again. – Manager has to listen to you. I hope you accept my resignation. I’ll call later.
And I’ve asked him to accept resignation. I wonder how we’ll react to it.
– ‚I hope you accept my resignation. ‚What happened?
– My ear seems to hurt all of a sudden. You say your ears are hurting,
but now you are holding your heart?What is the matter?
– Nevermind. Did you hear this? Lockdown might be extended
for three to four months. Why do you worry? You got a job.
Not that you get paid handsomely, but not an issue. I’m just reminded, we’ve to pay the electricity bill.
– How much is the bill. – Rs. 4,000. Rs. 4,000!
– What is the matter?Why did you turn the light on here?
– They say we’ve to turn lights on to invite Goddess Laxmi. Turning on light invites higher bills
and that means Goddess Laxmi is leaving. Don’t be a miser.
Aren’t you earning. . I lost my job at the wrong time.
What do I do?I’ll watch ‚Madha‘ on Amazon Prime Video.
I’ll think what to do after that. So, this was the weekly video. I’m sure
many people are working at loss of pay right now. Without income, life becomes tough.
The sequel to this video will be out next week. If you liked this video,
please like, share, subscribe and comment. Damage to economy could be repaired,
but not damage to health. So, stay home and stay safe.

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